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Hello Web App will be released May 4th! Pre-orders now open

For the last year, I've been writing Hello Web App, a book teaching web app development with Python and Django aimed at non-programmers.

It's been a really fun and long process — from running a Kickstarter campaign (which I made a huge mistake with the estimated launch date, that's a long story that'll come later, to finishing up the book, to rewriting (and rewriting, and rewriting) the content, to designing the book (100% me), getting editors and reviewers, testing... a lot more posts and writing will be on this topic soon.

BUT most importantly, it's available for pre-order now:

  • Gumroad — $14.95 eBook package (Fully designed PDF, .mobi, .ePub), $29.95 eBook + paperback package, $79 eBook + paperback + videos package.
  • Leanpub — $14.95 eBook package (PDF designed by Leanpub, not me.)
  • Amazon — $9.95 Kindle-only (paperback coming soon.)

For more info or to get a free sample of the book, check out