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My book, Hello Web App, has been released!

I've been working on Hello Web App ( for over a year now — it was around November 2013 when I started pondering the idea about writing my own book, after years of figuring out Django on my own and being annoyed at existing tutorials.

It's been a long journey. From Kickstarter, to writing, to revising, to revising again, to marketing, and finally — Hello Web App can be bought from Gumroad (, Amazon (, or Leanpub (

(FYI Amazon is showing the paperback book as being out of stock. I have been fighting with their automated system but they still didn't order enough. It should be back in stock by the end of the week, and I encourage you to order today even though it's out of stock so Amazon will learn to order more from me at a time. Gumroad paperback orders will be shipped by yours truly on Wednesday.)

Ridiculously happy to have my book finally released to the public. Appreciate any feedback anyone has (and Amazon reviews of course!)