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I almost wrote "2007 Resolutions" as the title, then realized that I was two years off. Where the hell did the time go?

I graduated from college in June 2007, ready and able to take the world to its knees. And while I didn't publicly write down any goals, I still remember my major goals for the last year.

2008 in Review

South by Southwest

Probably the best thing I did all year. I was a bit disheartened to find out that my work would not pay for me to go (since they'll pay for conferences within the state already), but I ponied up the money, bought my hotel room, and threw myself into the melee of web design completely alone and knowing no one at the conference. It was intimidating, as I am by nature a very shy person, but I came out of it with knowledge and a few friends. These friends would help me network within my own area and jumpstart the networking process.

Geek Dinner

I had my first speaking opportunity, as small as it was, at the Silicon Valley Geek Dinners. I spoke about multivariate testing (being that it is now my main job at work) and was astonished by the amount of people who haven't heard of it before (quick explaination). I will probably capitalize on this for future speaking opportunities.

Websites launched

I now have THREE unfinished websites, all in my name:

All of these are in need of serious work (this website needs to have all the formatting finished; veggieblog needs the last bit of graphic work plus actual blog posts; dream list needs its own skin) but I definitely have gotten more into the habit of writing. Since I only barely passed my writing courses in college, a lot of work (and practice) is needed and I've gotten on the right track.

2009 Resolutions

That's it? That's all I've done, professionally, in 2008? Rather annoying, if you ask me.


  • Finish Limedaring. I want to add in hand-drawn elements, and I don't have a scanner. Really, this is the largest obstacle to finishing this website; I get so frustrated that I can't (easily) do what I want to do so I put it off. So: In 2009, I will finish this website, finally.
  • Write more at Veggieblog (and give it a better name): This is simply for writing practice, but I should get back in the habit of working on it.
  • Write more on my Dreamlist.
  • Speak professionally at least thrice. I need more practice if I'm ever to speak at a conference.
  • Finish projects -- first, the project I'm working on with others, and then start my own idea for a webapp. As I'm not skilled in stuff like Python, I will need help to get this webapp off the ground.
  • At some point this year, look at my current job situation and determine whether it is fulfilling my needs. Move on if I have to (and especially if I NEED to).
  • Look into getting myself into a position to consult, if I ever lose my job and need a backup.
  • At the end of the year, submit a topic to speak about at SXSW.

May this year be fulfilling and exciting; may this year bring myself to higher levels professionally, and may this year leave me in an even better place than before.