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2017 reviewed

Another year has gone! As usual, I hesitated writing this (hey, my usual writing laziness combined with usual wintertime depression) but it really is a good way for me to remind myself that the last year was filled with triumphs and achievements, hopefully setting the tone for a successful 2018.

What happened

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Launched Hello Web Design

My newest book (on web design for non-designers) finally released! I did the Kickstarter for the book in January, spent the spring and summer writing and designing the book, and it launched in November to rave reviews.

I will say that the launch didn't quite get as big as I hoped, so a lot of 2018 will be dedicated to working on marketing the book and getting it into more hands.

Gave keynotes at many conferences

In 2016 my speaking career took off, which lead to quite a few keynote spots in 2017. I gave the keynote at CUSEC, EuroPython, PySS, Python Ireland, and my favorite (and best keynote, IMHO), DjangoCon US.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to give the best conference presentation I can (having sat through many a bummer presentation). I love to tell stories and find that keynotes are the best place for storytelling, so I've been super pleased to give so many keynotes this year.

I got a bit burnt out on speaking after speaking at 32 events in the last two years (!) so I'm taking a bit of a break from speaking so much in 2018 but hopefully at least a few more keynotes.


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It's funny how I always feel like I didn't do enough at the end of the year and when I review my actual travel schedule, it was a really hectic year. All of my travel:

Every trip I took throughout the year:

  • Montreal, Canada (CUSEC)
  • Budapest, Hungary (NodeConf Budapest)
  • NYC, USA (HWD Kickstarter tour)
  • California, USA (HWD tour, Thanksgiving)
  • Puerto Rico, USA (PyCaribbean)
  • Tulum, Mexico (vacation)
  • Florence, Italy (DjangoCon EU)
    • I also took a few extra days here to hike a bit of the Via Francigena from near-Florence to Siena.
  • Seattle, USA (PeersConf)
  • Atlanta, USA (PHPTec)
  • Kingston, Canada for a yoga retreat
  • Rimini, Italy (EuroPython)
    • Took a couple extra days to visit Bologna and Rome after the conference.
  • Vancouver Island, Canada, where I hiked the West Coast Trail.
  • Spokane, USA (DjangoCon US)
  • Took a few extra days in the beginning to do a solo road trip around Idaho and Montana.
  • Tobermory, Canada for my birthday cottage trip.
  • Spain (Python San Sebastian)
  • Chicago (Release Notes)
  • Ireland (PyCon Ireland)
    • Also hiked a bit of the Wicklow Way to Glendalough at the end of the trip.
  • Iceland (pure vacation!)
  • Poland (Code Europe)

Overall, visiting nine countries in one year ain't bad. As mentioned above, I'm hoping to spend a bit more time in Canada this year and really get to know Toronto.

I'm clearly the exception. #streetart

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Got my permanent residency for Canada

I moved to Canada in 2016 and officially got my permanent residency in 2017. Winter weather aside (I write this with -10C/15F weather outside right now), it's been a great move. Great public transportation to the airport (considering how often I travel, more on that below), really fun summer activities (summer actually matters here), health care (!), and more.


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Attended TIFF, backpacked the West Coast Trail, played beach volleyball all summer and fall

A few random achievements! Now that I'm in Toronto (as well as living across the street from one of the main theaters), I actually got to attend the Toronto International Film Festival this year.

My biggest physical achievement was backpacking the West Coast Trail with my bud Andrew and a few of his friends. It was a tough but fun 75 kilometers on beaches and through rainforests.

I also played beach volleyball with my studiomates at my coworking studio in the summer and fall. I'm terrible at sports but so glad I took a chance and joined the team. It was really fun having a weekly game outside during the Toronto summer with friends.


Get Hello Web App and Hello Web Design into more hands

I know I wrote awesome books, and I want more people to see them! Marketing is hard as a self-publisher, and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in 2018 working on getting the books into folks' hands.

More time spent outdoors

I'm keeping this resolution from last year. I wish I could spend 100% of my time outdoors. I need to plan another big outdoor trip for the summer (perhaps the John Muir Trail again?)

Increase my speaking career one more level - whatever that looks like

2016 I gave a bunch of talks, 2017 I started giving a bunch of keynotes, and 2018: ???. Maybe a speaking agent, and start doing paid talks? Not sure where I want to go with this.

Make good friends in Toronto

I'm lucky that I have a bunch of friends through my husband, who used to live in Toronto before meeting me in California, but I'd like to build my own group of good friends. People who I feel comfortable chatting with if I've had a bad day. This was something that was hard to do because I was traveling so much, so hopefully this year I continue building up my local friend network.

Lose weight (lol)

Going to be dorky and adopt this generic yearly resolution. Over the last ten years, I've lost about 55 pounds from my highest weight in university (thank you, World of Warcraft) but stalled that over the last few years. I really just want to be as healthy, strong, and flexible as possible. I'm starting out this year by going back on a ketogenic diet and doing a lot of yoga, weightlifting, and running. Hopefully, this is the year I can finally break the 150lb barrier.

Another year goes by. Here's to 2018!