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Videos from DjangoCon + Kickstarter campaign update!

A bunch of awesome videos from DjangoCon have been posted! Unfortunately my tutorial was not recorded but I received nothing but awesome feedback from the students.

I spoke on the authors panel:

I also spoke briefly about the (still ongoing!) Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts Kickstarter campaign:

DjangoCon US raised the bar for conferences for me (both DjangoCon's really, DjangoCon EU and this one!) It was a really great time and I highly recommend everyone to go to next years.

In other news!

The Kickstarter Campaign is still running, you have 10 days left to pre-order your copy of Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts!

The campaign got funded SO FAST so I added a ton of stretch goals. Think I could get to $20,000? Wouldn't that be absolutely amazing?

Join the Hello Web App Kickstarter here!